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Our homes are safe havens where we can expect to be shielded from environmental elements. Especially in a post-COVID world, the demand for increased efforts toward cleaning and sanitation has become relatively universal. The staff at Regal Cleaning Services is here to meet that demand, and we’re here to provide house cleaning in Sappington, Missouri to keep you and your family safe. 

Green Cleaning for the Eco-Friendly

We strive to do our part in preserving the environment. While for most of us this means the use of naturally-sourced cleaning products, our staff takes things a step further. Just some of the green cleaning considerations we make include:

  • Toxicity of cleaning agents
  • Potential respiratory issues
  • Potential dermatological issues
  • Safety of both family members and pets

House Cleaning Service in Sappington, MO You Can Afford

Our team understands money can be tight, and we work to provide a variety of options to fit your budget. From occasional services to recurring plans and everything in-between, we’re here to customize the right schedule for you. We even offer specials to help you keep as much money in your wallet as possible. Call today to see how we can help you keep your home clean and safe

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